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Quickdat Data Solutions specializes in the development of web-base data entry and data analysis solutions for medical and business research.   If you are interested in the services provided, please send an email to Quickdat Data Solutions
This web site provides access to current and future resources that can be accessed by logging in as a guest user. To access the resources, select the "Access Secure Resources" from the left menu and select the "Login as a Guest" option.
The resources available can be be used for free with data you provided.  To used these resources, upload your Excel or CSV text files formatted as described in this system and through the example files provided.
No data are preserved from your uploads and once you end your web connection, all data you uploaded are cleared.
This web site is composed of four web-based components.
1. Design-A-Survey - are resources dedicated to creating data dictionaries and draft data entry forms from these dictionaries that can saved locally and further developed by the Microsoft Visual Studios development application.
2.  eCRF - demonstrates the entry of data into data files using forms developed under the format created through option 1.
3. Fast Statistics - is used to geneate basic statistics from Excel, CSV delimited files or data contained in SQL database tables.
4. High-Blood-Pressure percentile calculator for children. - Calculate a child's percentile score for High-Blood-Pressure based on the childs age, height, sex and current blood pressure measurements
5 Actual Study Resources - Provides links to actual research study resources that have been conducted and demonstrates how forms can be generated from data dictionaries created from the publicly available data dictionaries and forms provided online for these studies by the funding agencies.
  Example resources to each of these components can be seen once you log in either as a guest or as an authenticated user.

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